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Medicina Naturopática Familiar PR



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Craniosacral Therapy

Very subtle manual technique that treats imbalances in the craniosacral system.
It releases and reorganizes tensions, since the energy used to maintain that injury or contraction is released and generates a very intense feeling of release and relaxation.
The tensions at the level of the skull generate many injuries that are imperceptible at a medical level, but they affect many visceral and musculoskeletal structures and by treating them we can release them.
The session is carried out in a very subtle way, with the touch of our hand, we will evaluate the craniosacral movement and assess its rhythm in order to correct the pathologies detected.

Treats disorders such as:

Trauma / Arterial problems / Depression or Stress / Digestive discomfort / Cervical corners / Headaches or migraines / Cases of hyperactivity / Insomnia / Treatments in babies.